Free Mastering Sample

Mastering is the last step that can contribute to make or brake a song…
I offer a free mastering sample for 1 song, that way you are sure I’m the right fit for your music before pulling the trigger 🙂 

How it Works

1. Fill a couple info about you

You'll receive an e-mail telling how to prepare your Track for mastering, along with a link to upload your Song.

2. Upload your song

Use the link you received in the e-mail and upload 1 song to the Dropbox Page. I'll receive it immediately.

3. i master a Section of it

I Master a section of your song (no automatic sh$t here! It's all me). I send it back directly to your mailbox along with a price for the full, mastered song.

4. Check it Out, Let me know

Listen to it and let me know what you think! Most often you'll love it and we can work on making your music something you're proud of. If you don't, no problem, no obligation!

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Let's get started!

Follow the steps below, it won’t get long.

Let's start with your First name and your Band/Artist name :)
Enter the e-mail where I can send the link to upload your song (Check carefully there is no mistake to be sure you get it).
Anything you want to tell me about your mix/Song?
After clicking 'Send' You'll receive a link in your inbox to upload your song to a dropbox Page. It might take a few minutes :)