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The hard truth about DIY Indie artists

As an Indie artist in 2023, you are most likely to record yourself like many.
Putting all the effort DIYing almost everything from A to Z. 

➡︎ But when it comes to mixing & mastering, things start to get sketchy. Maybe you’ve experienced that :

🤔 You struggle to get a great sound that competes with your favorite songs?

🧐 It sounds good but you still find that something is missing (level, life, punch, vibe, clarity…)?

➡︎ Thinking of hiring a pro to mix/master your music? :

🙄 But you’re afraid of spending money and time without being sure you’ll love the result? 

🤯 How to be sure this will be the right fit musically & humanly?

We’ve all been there…

That's why I offer 100% free, no obligation mastering samples

➡︎ so you can be sure I’m the right fit for you before pulling the trigger!

You don’t have to pay anything unless you love the sample and decide we work together on your music.

(Basically, I’m the one taking all the risk here, you just can’t loose 🥳)

How it Works

(It's so quick & simple!)

1. Fill a couple info about you

You'll receive an e-mail telling how to prepare your Track for mastering, along with a link to upload your Song.

2. Upload your song

Use the link you received in the e-mail and upload your song to the Dropbox Page. I'll receive it immediately.

3. i master a Section of it

I Master a section of your song (no automatic sh$t here! It's all me). I send it back directly to your mailbox along with a price for the full, mastered song.

4. Check it Out, Let me know

Listen to it and let me know what you think! Most often you'll love it and we can work on making your music something you're proud of. If you don't, no problem, no obligation!

How it Sounds

(some Mastering examples)

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"Why do you offer that?"

➪ A Bad sound will hurt your music. People nowadays are used to top level, quality sounds.

➪ You put your heart & soul into your music and once it’s out there, it’s there forever. 

Why a free master sample? 

• I know what it takes to make music as an Indie artist! I started as a singer-songwriter myself and I struggled too.

• I don’t want you to loose money, time or energy on a mixing/mastering that may not be the right fit for your music.

I would not offer it if I was not confident that I can help you get great sounding music that you love ☺️

Does that sound good to you? Then click below and let’s work on your Master Sample!

What you get

(Some Great Value!)

An engineer working Only with Indie artists like you

(who actually cares about your music)

 I genuinely care about you, that’s why I only work with music I know and love : Indie, Folk&Rock artists like you.
Nor I would dare butchering music genres I’m not comfortable with, neither risk to send you a completely crappy out of whack master. 

indie, folk, rock Producer Boston Recording Mixing & mastering

A FREE Darn Real Mastering

(100% human, No algorithm)

Unlike other online services providing fast mastering samples (= algorithms putting random automatic processing on your music), It’s all human work here.

I’m all in here and provide the same quality of work as every paid project to give the best master for your song. I take it really seriously! And never take it for granted. 

100 % Risk-free offer for your music

(It's all on me)

It’s simple you pay 0 and get a sense of what your music could sound like with a” Spotify-ready” professional master. 

• No risk of spending money for a result you’re not happy with.

No obligation : We don’t have to work together if you Don’t like your free sample.

• Love the sample and want me to work on your music? I go with a 100% satisfaction guarantee with unlimited revisions for your project.

Click the button below & get your free Mastering Sample

What artists say!


❝ Finding Jim and working with him was a relief, he totally understood my music no matter how indie and niche it was. He took the time to understand what I needed, to make sure he could make what I heard in my head come to life.
And the result was there, the songs sounded exactly the way I wanted. Awesome experience with Jim as a human and as a producer. ❞

Antoine Duclos

❝ I had the opportunity to work with Jim on a small EP this year. He was very attentive and showed a lot of respect for what I was looking for musically. He brought a lot of sweetness and beautiful sounds to my music.
I can only recommend to you, we had a great time together! ❞

Alice Dersg

❝ I am very happy with the album, the vinyl sounds absolutely superb.
Jim is a super collaborator, a brilliant young man with a wise ear and a sense of precious arrangements. In short, it was more than a collaboration, a friendly stretch of road. ❞

Emil Möwe

Fantastic. Jim, as an artist himself, really understands projects and knows how to use his technical skills and knowledge to serve musicians. Thank you +++++++ ❞

Stephane Barascud

❝ Its’ always a great experience working with Jim. He understands my needs and what i want in my songs. We are working together for more than 4 years now and it’s always a pleasure.
He is precise and he knows what to do best to suit the song with a great sense of artistic choice.
Jim is a nice human being and i cannot recommend you enough working with him. ❞

Karl Socasau

❝ I feel really lucky to work with people like Jim!”
“I had a really nice experience recording a song of mine (the beetles & the bugs). The friendly / cosy atmosphere made for easy recording, thanks ! ❞


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