Let's put out your best music together

I'm a Mixing Engineer / Record Producer and I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're still proud of your art 10 years from now !

Hey folks !

I'm Jim,

I’m a producer, mixing & mastering engineer working with Indie artists and bands worldwide.

To tell just a bit more : I’m a huge Indie folk/rock/pop aficionado and I have been a pro musician for years too. So when time allows it, I write songs and play shows 🙂 

Jim Bergson Boston Indie Producer Mix Mastering engineer

Here's an example of my mixing work :

I’m looking forward to hearing your music and get it to the level it deserves !


Here are the services I offer, for more info check out the Portfolio Page or shoot me a message 🙂


A good mix can take a song from a rough demo to a professional sounding production. You send your tracks from anywhere in the world, I take care of the rest with my hybrid analog setup.


Mastering is the last stage of the process, where the track is processed to sound great on every form and every system. Again just send your tracks, let's put it out there !

Production / Recording

Whether you're looking for someone to engineer your next record or need a direction to elevate your ideas to the next level, Im looking forward to making it happen with you 🙂 (Ps: I love recording people playing together in a room)

Mix Feedback / Help

You are mixing your own music but it doesn't sound quite there ? You don't hear the pro quality like you should ? Send me your mix and I'll give you detailed and professional feedback to elevate it.