I help Indie artists put out cool music they are proud of



As an ‘Indie’ engineer/producer I’ve worked mainly with singer-songwriters, Indie folk/rock/pop and alternative bands so far.
In general: Artists that aren’t afraid of honest, organic and ‘human’ sounding music.

(Also after years of doing this I’m pretty sure of this : You Cannot be good at everything) ! 🙂  


I take the raw tracks you've recorded at any professional studio or at home and turn them into a "finished record". You send your tracks & I take care of the rest with some help of a couple cool machines/toys.


Last stage of the project ! It's where I process the track to make sure it will translate well into any type of listening system/environment. Again just send your tracks, let's put it out there !

Production / Recording

Whether you're looking for a cool engineer that will respect your ideas or need a direction to elevate your ideas, Im looking forward to making it happen with you 🙂 (Ps: I love recording people playing together in a room)

Mix Feedback / Help

You are mixing your own music but it doesn't sound quite there ? You don't hear the quality like you should ? (I've been there!) Send me your mix, we'll chat and I'll give you detailed and professional feedback to elevate it.

(For Recording/Production I’m Located in Boston, MA, USA)

Some of My Work

Here are some example tracks I Produced/Engineered/Played on/Mixed & Mastered. 

What Artists Say !


“Finding Jim and working with him was a relief, he totally understood my music no matter how indie and niche it was. He took the time to understand what I needed, to make sure he could recreate what I heard in my head come to life.
And the results was there, the songs sounded exactly the way I wanted. Awesome experience with Jim as a human and as a producer.”

Antoine Duclos

“I had a really nice experience recording a song of mine (the beetles & the bugs) with Jim. The friendly / cosy atmosphere made for easy recording, thanks !”


“Jim is a super collaborator, a brilliant young man with a wise ear and a sense of precious arrangements. A brilliant guitarist with a nice bit of high-pitched voice and an innate sense of melody.
In short, it was more than a collaboration, a friendly stretch of road, both in the studio and on stage.
A real companion with whom crossing paths is a real pleasure!”

Boston Indie Producer mix mastering
Emil Möwe

Hey Let's team up

I'm Jim !

Mixing-Mastering Engineer | Producer | Multi-instrumentalist

I am a Boston based French audio engineer and artist with years of experience engineering both in studio and live / performing as a singer-songwriter.

  • I am focusing on mixing, mastering  and recording for indie singer-songwriters and bands.
  • When it comes to working on your music, You’re in charge. No ego war in sight, we’ll keep it pro & fun (I love when it’s fun).

When working together we will only care about :

  • Making music that sounds great, honest & organic
  • Making sure you’re 100% proud of it and looking forward to showing it off !
Jim Bergson - Mixing Engineer Mastering producer
Jim Bergson Boston Indie Producer Mix Mastering engineer

Indie Artists I hear You !

I know how overwhelming being an indie artist can be, I’ve been there myself with no massive budgets, limited time, fear to screw up…
That’s what motivated me back then to start engineering and eventually ended up making records for others, loved it ! 

Let me help you :

-> Reach your music goals (whatever they are!)

-> Sound great beyond your “local community”

-> Proudly share music you love on Spotify

If it sounds good to you, then hit the button below and let’s chat 🙂

How can I help with your music ?

Tell me by filling this form (I’ll get back Asap) 🙂

Any general questions ? You can write me here : contact@jimbergson.com