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I’ve specialised working with singer-songwriters, Indie, folk/rock/country artists & bands.
In general: Artists who dig deeply honest, organic and ‘human’ sounding music 🙂 

Production / Recording

Whether you're looking for a cool engineer that will respect your ideas or need a fully crafted production, I can't wait to help you capture deep and soulful music you'll be proud of forever. (Ps: I love recording people playing together in a room!!)


Let's put a lot of love here to give your music a cool mix. We'll take the raw tracks you've recorded into a solid & vibey mix that makes you proud of your art. We'll communicate deeply on your goals so you get away with songs that stand out and that you 100% love.


Last step before your music is out! Let's process and polish your mix to make sure it will translate well into any type of listening system/environment. Click below if you want to receive a free master sample to see how it goes.

(For In Person Recording/Production I’m Located in Boston, MA, USA)

Featured Productions

Here are some example tracks I Produced/Engineered/Played on/Mixed & Mastered. 

What Artists Say !


❝ Finding Jim and working with him was a relief, he totally understood my music no matter how indie and niche it was. He took the time to understand what I needed, to make sure he could make what I heard in my head come to life.
And the result was there, the songs sounded exactly the way I wanted. Awesome experience with Jim as a human and as a producer. ❞

Antoine Duclos

❝ I had the opportunity to work with Jim on a small EP this year. He was very attentive and showed a lot of respect for what I was looking for musically. He brought a lot of sweetness and beautiful sounds to my music.
I can only recommend to you, we had a great time together! ❞

Alice Dersg

❝ I am very happy with the album, the vinyl sounds absolutely superb.
Jim is a super collaborator, a brilliant young man with a wise ear and a sense of precious arrangements. In short, it was more than a collaboration, a friendly stretch of road. ❞

Emil Möwe

❝ I feel really lucky to work with people like Jim!”
“I had a really nice experience recording a song of mine (the beetles & the bugs). The friendly / cosy atmosphere made for easy recording, thanks ! ❞

❝ Working with Jim is such a pleasure! A great human experience, coupled with strong skills in mixing/editing. Jim has the ability to genuinely submit relevant ideas that makes a song better, and always takes into account the artist’s directions. ❞
vignette Wild Noblesse
Wild Noblesse

Fantastic. Jim, as an artist himself, really understands projects and knows how to use his technical skills and knowledge to serve musicians. Thank you +++++++ ❞

Stephane Barascud


Hey, I'm Jim !

Recording Engineer | Producer | Multi-instrumentalist

I am a Boston based French audio engineer/artist and still got the same passion since the first recordings in 2009 (can’t find them anymore fortunately! haha). 
I work with indie artists all over the world (like you!) who want to capture and put out music full of emotion and meaning. 

Whether it’s a  recording, production or a mix, I love working in a collaborative and humble way, always being open to YOUR vision! I’m basically all about taking the ideas you’ve put your heart and soul into and turning them into vibey, beautiful songs.

Jim Bergson - Mixing Engineer Mastering producer

I know how overwhelming being an indie artist can be… I’ve been in your shoes for years, with all the challenges attached.
 So I’d be super happy to get a collaboration started & help you capture new music that means the world to you! 

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Any general questions ? You can write me here : contact@jimbergson.com

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